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Austin Energy
Austin Energy delivers low-cost, reliable electric service through a diverse mix of energy sources. We offer one of the nation’s most comprehensive residential and commercial energy efficiency programs and own the nation’s first and largest green building program. Visit the Austin Energy website.

Austin Resource Recovery
Austin Resource Recovery provides curbside collection of recycling, trash, and yard trimmings. Rates are dependent upon the size of your trash cart — shrink your cart, shrink your bill! Additional services include sweeping streets, operating a drop-off center for household hazardous waste, and collecting bulk items and large brush. Our goal is to reach Zero Waste by 2040, which means reducing the amount of trash sent to landfills by 90 percent. Visit the Austin Resource Recovery website.

Austin Water
Austin Water supplies clean, reliable water services for Austin residents and businesses. We are committed to providing for Austin's current and future water needs in a reliable and sustainable way. Our water quality consistently ranks among the best in the country. Visit the Austin Water website.

Drainage Service
Drainage Service (also known as Watershed Protection) protects lives, property, and the environment of our community by reducing the impact of flood, erosion, and water pollution. We have a multi-tiered approach with a wide variety of programs including education and outreach, the Lady Bird Lake Cleanup Crew, construction projects such as stormwater ponds and streambank restorations, as well as regulations to help prevent future problems. Visit the Watershed Protection website.

Street Service
Street Service handles repair and maintenance of all of Austin's structures within the City's public right-of-way. This includes streets, bridges, sidewalks, and guardrails. We patch potholes, resurface streets, repair utility cuts, maintain the City’s medians, do right-of-way maintenance on trees, and respond after storms. Visit the Street and Bridge website.

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