A payment extension allows City of Austin utility customers the opportunity to extend a bill’s due date, for a short period of time, to keep their utility account in good standing.

With a payment extension the total amount due on the bill is due by the extension due date.

Payment Extensions Available

There is no limit to the number of payment extensions allowed, as long as customers have met the terms of their prior extension.

A payment extension is available to any eligible customer — regardless of payment history. However, if a customer has failed to complete a prior payment extension or has returned payment items, such as returned checks, the customer's account must be brought current before a new payment extension can be offered.


You may not qualify for a payment extension if:

  • Your utility account is enrolled in Budget Billing.
  • You have requested to stop your utility services.
  • Your utility account has had a previous payment extension or arrangement that was unmet.  
  • Your utility account has had returned payments or has been disconnected for non-payment.
  • Your utility account has been sent to an outside debt collector.
  • Your utility account is under a bankruptcy filing, or if a court has determined that the utility debt is legally extinguishable.
  • The utility meter at your residence or property has been tampered with.

How to Request a Payment Extension

You have two options for requesting a payment extension:

  1. Call Customer Care at 512-494-9400 or email us to see if you qualify.
  1. Or you may log in to COA Utilities to request a payment extension online.

Payment Arrangements Also Available

A payment arrangement allows City of Austin utility customers the opportunity to pay off a past-due bill balance to keep their utility accounts in good standing. With a payment arrangement, the past-due amount is spread out over a specified period of time — this amount is called a monthly installment.

Customers are required to pay the agreed-upon monthly installment, in addition to paying their monthly utility charges in full, by the bill due date each month.

Check details and eligibility for Payment Arrangements

Date last reviewed or modified: 7/5/22