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The Austin Energy Multifamily Partnership Program (MPP) provides automatic transfer of utility services from vacated rentals into the name of the property owner.

With MPP, participants can easily monitor electric utility transactions for all units through our secure Online Customer Care website.

Program Benefits

Property owners can enjoy many benefits to enrollment in MPP. These include:

  • Uninterrupted electric service When a tenant moves out, service is automatically switched to the property owner’s name.
  • Tenants manage service requests — Tenants contact City of Austin Utilities Customer Care directly to turn utility services on or off.
  • We read the meters City of Austin Utilities does all the meter reading, including initial and final reads.
  • Status report available — This report provides service status for each unit in your complex.

Initiation Fee

There is a one-time group initiation fee of $20/unit to participate in this continuous electric service program.

If a property changes ownership and the new owners become MPP members, no initiation fee will be accessed as long as:

  • the property is in the program at the time of the sale, and
  • the purchasing company submits MPP enrollment forms (and any additional documentation that has been requested) within 10 business days of the sale of the property.

How to Enroll

To enroll in the Multifamily Partnership Program, print and complete the Service Agreement and Enrollment forms:

Mail, fax, or email completed forms to:

City of Austin — Customer Care Contact Center — MPP
PO Box 2267
Austin, TX 78767-2267

Fax: 512-505-4024
Email: Multifamily Partnership Program

Program Resources

The Multifamily Partnership Program (MPP) provides several resources to help you manage electric service at your multifamily properties:

  • Automated emails are sent directly to you when electric service changes at your property.
  • You can securely login to Online Customer Care to access your multifamily accounts and pay your bills.
  • Multifamily Property Status Reports are available upon request. These reports provide you with an overview of your properties, including:
    • Service address
    • Unit number
    • Meter number
    • Pending service changes
    • Status of the unit

Tips and Guidelines

Keep Past Due Services in the Proper Name — Sometimes tenants vacate the property without notifying the property owner. If this happens to you, you can easily ensure uninterrupted electric service after a tenant has vacated. To do this, simply:

  • Notify City of Austin Utilities within three business days of the vacancy.
  • Request a transfer of the account into the property owner’s name.

If a tenant's services are disconnected for non-payment, please contact us to start service for the next business day. Any delinquent amount owed is maintained in the name of the former tenant.

Reestablish Service After Disconnection — If the previous tenant had services disconnected for non-payment, the property owner should call City of Austin Utilities Customer Care at 512-494-9400 and request the account be transferred into the property owner's name. Services will be reconnected within one business day.

Any delinquent amount owed is maintained in the name of the former tenant.

Cancel Your Enrollment — If you should decide to cancel your MPP enrollment, simply print and complete the Austin Energy MPP Cancellation Form (pdf) and mail, fax, or email it to us.

Establish Changes of Ownership — If a participating property is sold, the current Multifamily Partnership Program participant must submit an Austin Energy MPP Cancellation Form (pdf) to City of Austin Utilities. If the new owners would like to participate in the program, they must submit the enrollment and service agreement forms under their own name.

Contact Customer Care for Assistance

Contact us for assistance with MPP. We have representatives who specialize in assisting multifamily property owners.

Date last reviewed or modified: 7/30/20