The Austin Transportation Department’s mission is to provide the safest and most efficient, cost-effective and sustainable roadway, bikeway, walkway and transit system for the community.


  • Active Transportation and Street Design — The Active Transportation and Street Design Division works to help everyone walk and bike around Austin safely, comfortably, and conveniently as they travel to work and school, run errands, and exercise and have fun. The street design team works to improve City streets to better serve people of all ages and abilities as they drive, walk, bike, and take transit.
  • Arterial Management and Signal Operation — The Arterial Management Division works to manage mobility and safety for all modes of travel on Austin’s arterial roadways. Arterials are roadways that are intended to carry higher amounts of traffic at a higher speed than neighborhood streets.
  • Ground Transportation Regulation — The Ground Transportation Regulation Division permits and oversees all vehicle-for-hire services such as taxi, pedicabs, shuttle service, limousine service, charter service, electric low-speed vehicles, group cycle, and horse-drawn carriage and touring/sightseeing companies.
  • Parking Enterprise — The Parking Enterprise Division works to make access to curb space convenient and user friendly through the regulation of public parking spaces.
  • Right of Way Management — The Right of Way Management Division provides traffic planning and coordination of all activities in the City-owned right of way including construction, special events, and other temporary uses.
  • Signs and Markings — The Signs and Markings Division is responsible for installation and maintenance of signs and street markings. Pavement markings and road signage provide a smooth, orderly flow of traffic for safe and efficient mobility for all users.
  • Smart Mobility — The Smart Mobility Division tests and deploys new technology to move people and goods through Austin in faster, safer, cleaner, more affordable and equitable ways.
  • Transportation Development Services — The Transportation Development Services Division provides review services to developers/applicants and their consultants on all aspects of transportation associated with a proposed development or redevelopment.
  • Transportation Systems Development — The Transportation Systems Development Division is responsible for long-term transportation planning for the City of Austin, coordinating long-term planning efforts with other jurisdictions and agencies and providing travelers with effective choices to improve travel reliability and reduce drive alone trips.
  • Vision Zero — Austin Transportation’s Vision Zero program aims to end all traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, and equitable mobility for all. The Vision Zero team partners with other City departments, state and federal agencies, and community organizations to lead the planning and development of a safe multi-modal transportation network.

Transportation User Fee

One of the methods to fund the City’s transportation system and fulfill the department’s mission, is a Transportation User Fee (TUF) assessed to residents and businesses.

This monthly fee funds street maintenance and repair, annual street overlay and striping and other activities necessary for keeping Austin's roadways in good condition. City of Austin residents pay the mandatory fee to help prolong the life of City infrastructure and assets.

By managing and maintaining public right of way infrastructure, the City of Austin is able to save taxpayer money by intervening before full reconstruction is needed. Full street reconstruction can be costly and time-consuming, therefore preventative maintenance provided by the fee helps reduce these costs.

View the City of Austin Ordinance regarding the fee

Some examples of programs and projects funded by the Transportation User Fee are:

  • Roadway signage and markings
  • Traffic engineering
  • Traffic and pedestrian signals
  • Transportation systems planning
  • Active transportation infrastructure such as sidewalks and bikeways
  • Roadway safety features

Austin Transportation Department

Austin Transportation is the City department that works to provide the safest and most efficient, cost-effective and sustainable roadways, bikeways, and walkways. Customers can get information on right of way, on-street parking, and bicycle commuting.

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Date last reviewed or modified: 8/28/20