Austin Resource Recovery provides a wide range of services designed to transform waste into resources while keeping our community clean.

Zero Waste Goal

Our goal is to reach Zero Waste by 2040, which means reducing the amount of trash sent to area landfills by 90%.

  • Zero Waste is a philosophy that goes beyond recycling to focus first on reducing trash and reusing products and then recycling and composting the rest.
  • Zero Waste recognizes that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and everything is a resource for something or someone else. 

Austin Resource Recovery's new direction

We’ve developed updated mission and vision statements and a set of organizational values. The new ethos highlights the department’s purpose with the overarching goal of creating a clear understanding and a tangible connection to the work performed by the department and its many employees.

Our Mission — We provide essential services that protect people and our planet.

Our Vision — Driving the global transformation of traditional waste management to sustainable resource recovery.

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Our Programs and Services

Austin Resource Recovery provides residential curbside collection of trash, recycling, composting and yard trimmings.

Additional services include clothing and housewares collection, street sweeping, dead animal collection, operating a drop-off center for hard-to-recycle items, and collecting bulk items and large brush.

Austin Resource Recovery compost, trash, and recycling bins

Austin Resource Recovery is the City’s waste management utility. Choose your trash cart size, find your collection schedule, and learn how to recycle, compost, and more.

Austin Resource Recovery


Date last reviewed or modified: 4/3/23